The PMR MFA Team Participated in Rowing Competition


The “Family of the President for a Healthy Lifestyle” regatta was held at the Rowing Center in Bender. The team of the Foreign Ministry was among the participants of the competition. All in all, representatives of about 30 crews from ministries, departments, educational institutions, and the media took to the water.

In his welcoming speech, the President noted that this was not the first time such an event had been held. This time the decision was made to expand the range of participants and attract beginners to the competition.

“It’s not all about physical strength, much depends on teamwork, shared spirit, mutual understanding, dedication. It’s the same in life. I’ve said many times there is no place for “one-man boats” in history. We can only achieve results as a team. Such sport as rowing, in fact, has shown it,” Vadim Krasnoselsky stressed, wishing everyone easy water, high spirits and victories.

Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev shared his impressions of the event.

“We have colleagues systematically engaged in the sport. Many of them want to continue rowing. As a hobby, it is a very beneficial and wonderful sport. The MFA and sport are inseparable concepts,” said the Foreign Minister.

The regatta lasted two days. Friday saw the opening ceremony and the first competitive stage.