The PMR President Met with the US Ambassador


PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky met with members of the delegation of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, headed by Kent Logsdon, at the Pridnestrovian President’s Administration. Welcoming the Ambassador, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that he appreciated the opportunity to communicate with an experienced and knowledgeable diplomat. Outlining the agenda of the meeting, the interlocutors focused on the situation in Pridnestrovie and along the republic’s perimeter, the negotiation process, ensuring peace and security, assistance for the Ukrainian citizens temporarily staying in Pridnestrovie, and the state of the economy. The guest said that he devoted the first half of the day to communicating with the inhabitants and guests of the republic: he met with agricultural producers, visited the center for temporary accommodation of foreign citizens (noting the high level of support provided to them), and talked with representatives of the Jewish community.

Discussing the geopolitical and security situation in the republic, the interlocutors shared the view on the situation being alarming. Speaking about the stalled negotiation process, the participants stressed the importance of continuing the dialogue even in conditions of the 5+2 format stagnation.  “In view of the impossibility of gathering the entire format of the Permanent Conference, it is necessary to work on different platforms, with different institutions and embassies, and the 1+1 meetings should be updated and permanent. I met with OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Polish Foreign Minister Mr. Rau. The Polish Chairmanship is focused on peace. No matter who I meet, everyone is talking about peace, no one is talking about war. If this is true, if no one is deceiving or hypocritical, we need to join forces to guarantee peace here in Pridnestrovie,” said Vadim Krasnoselsky in his conversation with the US Ambassador. Kent Logsdon, for his part, stressed that he welcomes Pridnestrovie’s desire for peace and supports the calls of the Pridnestrovian side to maintain security and calm in the region. “I understand that the continuation of the 1+1 meetings is very important even when the 5+2 meetings have no place. We will continue to participate in them as observers because we consider it very important,” the American Diplomat assured.

The discussion also covered bilateral relations as well as current and potential joint humanitarian projects.