Statement by the PMR’s MFA on the Moldovan Government Publicly Admitting the Economic Pressure on Pridnestrovie


We have taken note of the statement by the Moldovan government that was made with the explicit purpose of justifying the blockade and restrictive measures used against Pridnestrovie, but has turned into an act of self-disclosure.

The neighboring country’s Government openly admitted that it massively uses economic war methods against the people and enterprises of the Pridnestrovie Moldovan Republic in order to “transfer their activities into a single economic and commercial space”. This background immediately brings to mind Chisinau’s statements of the early 1990s, when Moldova by military-terrorist methods imposed a so-called single “constitutional order” in Pridnestrovie, killing civilians and destroying our towns and villages.

On April 21, the Moldovan leadership has publicly admitted that it is following in the footsteps of its forefathers and is taking advantage of the closure of the Transnistrian-Ukrainian border to apply strangulation policy and genocide of the Pridnestrovian population through economic warfare and humanitarian terror.

In this context, it is especially cynical to say that Moldova has allegedly never used economic blockade measures against Pridnestrovie. It indicates the specific selective memory of the Moldovan government, which “has forgotten” not only the large-scale blockades of 2001, 2006 and 2015, but also the total restrictions on the supply of goods to the PMR during the pandemic in spring 2020.

Let us remind Moldovan politicians with a short memory that the world experience of applying such methods of economic terrorism usually results in very serious negative consequences for the aggressor.

Instead of peaceful civilized interaction focused on protecting people’s rights and interests, especially in the current complex global and regional circumstances, the Moldovan leadership deliberately destroys trade and economic ties between our republics, damaging not only its own economy, but also hundreds of Pridnestrovie’s trade partners around the world.

We shouldn’t underestimate the international representatives who understand the destructive nature of Chisinau’s actions – no excuses will cover up the politically biased pressure on Pridnestrovian businesses with false concern for their well-being.

The public self-disclosure voiced by the Moldovan government on April 21 indicates a deliberate choice of economic warfare tactics against Pridnestrovie. In view of these extreme circumstances, we call on all international participants in the settlement process, including the OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office, to consolidate efforts to normalize the situation as soon as possible and to prevent the creation of yet another source of tension caused by the Moldovan economic blockade.