Statement on Appealing to the World Health Organization


Because of the destructive actions of the Moldovan side, medicines needed by the population and medical institutions of Pridnestrovie have been detained for several weeks at the Moldova-Romania border and customs terminals of the Republic of Moldova. In addition to the already withheld cargoes, Moldova refuses to issue permits allowing new consignments of medical supplies to be imported. As a result, a significant part of shipments was stopped and in-demand medicines are in short supply.

At the Pridnestrovian side’s initiative, the problem was discussed on many occasions during the meetings of Political Representatives and expert (working) groups on health issues. Moldovan representatives repeatedly assured in public that the passage of goods would be allowed, but never stood to their word.

In humanitarian terms, the resolution of this situation is crucial, therefore Pridnestrovie has addressed the World Health Organization with an official written request asking for assistance. In particular, the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie invited the WHO experts to hold urgent consultations with the participation of the PMR Minister of Health and the Pridnestrovian Pharmacists Association representatives to discuss the current situation and ways out of the crisis.