Vitaly Ignatiev Gave an Interview to a Film Crew from France


Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev gave an interview to journalists from France who came to Pridnestrovie to make a documentary about the republic for French television.

During the conversation, the minister noted that Pridnestrovie has been developing as an independent state for thirty-two years, and its legal personality is an objective reality that must be recognized by the international community. However, in his opinion, there is a certain inertia of the international attitude towards the Moldo- Pridnestrovian conflict. “The international community does not yet want to accept the reality and that is why it indulges the Moldovan side, turning a blind eye to the inadmissible methods applied as regards Pridnestrovie,” the diplomat stressed.

Vitaly Ignatiev said that during all these years, the PMR has been in a state of hybrid warfare waged by Moldova against the Pridnestrovian people. Because of this, according to him, the economic potential of the republic is diminished and the rights and freedoms of its citizens are flagrantly violated. To this end, the minister mentioned politically motivated criminal cases, the road blockade, the obstruction of the Moldovan Steelworks’ (MMZ) activity, the blocking of supplies of medicines and other vital goods to the PMR, and other problems.

Moreover, according to the diplomat, at the moment the interaction of the parties at all levels is practically frozen, because the Republic of Moldova refuses to have a substantive dialogue. “The negotiation process today is fruitless, because the Moldovan representatives do not take any decisions, and the problems remain unresolved and multiply,” the head of the PMR Foreign Ministry explained.

In commenting on regional security issues, Vitaly Ignatiev pointed out the crucial role of the peacekeeping operation under the Russian auspices, which has been a pivotal stability factor on the banks of the Dniester river for three decades. Regarding the situation in Ukraine, he said that Pridnestrovie is firmly committed to peace.

“Our principled position is that there is not and cannot be any threat to Ukraine from Pridnestrovie. We have about a hundred thousand citizens of Ukraine living here permanently, and in addition, there are already more than 27 thousand Ukrainian refugees on our territory. We are exclusively for peace and security of all the people who live in Pridnestrovie”, – concluded the Minister.