Statement by the PMR’s MFA on Moldova’s Application for the EU Membership


We regard the submission by the Republic of Moldova’s leadership of an application for membership in the European Union as a geopolitical decision leading to a change in international borders and spheres of influence in the regional space and radically altering the circumstances of the final settlement of Moldovan-Pridnestrovian relations.

We understand the decision of our neighboring republic’s leadership.

Nevertheless, Moldova’s application for EU membership in terms of the protracted unresolved conflict between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, without regard to the opinion and outside the framework of consultations with the Pridnestrovian side, while completely ignoring the discussion of this issue in existing negotiation formats, including the international platform of the “Permanent Conference ...”, marks an end to the settlement process, requiring urgent international legal registration.

The decision of the Moldovan authorities represents willingness to transfer Moldova’s sovereignty to supranational authorities in Brussels and the transition to the final military-political and economic development of the Republic of Moldova’s territory by the West.

The application for EU membership indicates Moldova’s refusal to engage in dialogue with Pridnestrovie on the parameters of joint coexistence, which is confirmed by the current crisis in the negotiation process, the dysfunction of the 5+2 format, the refusal of summit meetings, non-fulfillment of obligations under the Berlin Plus package, the strengthening of blockade and restrictive measures against Pridnestrovie.

We consider it necessary to stress that the Pridnestrovian people determined their fate in a civilized and democratic way on September 2, 1990, stopped the military aggression of Moldova in 1991-1992, defended their freedom and independence, confirmed the inviolability of the course for international recognition of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic’s sovereignty and independence at a national referendum on September 17, 2006.

In the new circumstances, including those created by the Moldovan leadership’s actions, we call on the Moldovan side to engage in dialogue with Pridnestrovie with a view to a final civilized settlement of relations based on the peaceful good-neighborly existence of two independent states by signing a comprehensive interstate agreement.

At the same time, we request the United Nations, OSCE, mediators and observers in the negotiation process and the international community as a whole to recognize the reality of more than thirty years in the form of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, to ensure respect for the right of the Pridnestrovian people to self-determination and to establish diplomatic relations with Pridnestrovie.