Statement by Foreign Ministry of the PMR


The Foreign Ministry reports that RM law enforcement representatives in the Causeni customs terminal unlawfully broke into the car owned by the Pridnestrovian carrier and seized part of the batch of the Pridnestrovian-type plates.

We consider another provocation from Chisinau designed to aggravate problems in the road transport sector with the aim to violate the rights and interests of residents of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic to be an evidence of the Republic of Moldova’s refusal to act adequately in negotiations with Pridnestrovie.

We emphasize that the unacceptable unlawful actions of specific Moldovan law enforcement representatives in relation to the Pridnestrovian cargo will have inevitable criminal procedural consequences.

We call on the international partners to respond to Chisinau’s destructive actions grossly violating the existing agreements of the negotiation process (paragraph 4 of the Protocol Decision of April 24, 2018), which lead to the VROs mechanism disruption and restrictions for the Pridnestrovian motorists’ participation in international road traffic.