Comment by the PMR’s MFA on the Ongoing Seizure of Pridnestrovian License Plates


With regard to the attempts of the Moldovan side to justify the destructive seizure of billets of Pridnestrovian license plates of two types, let us add further clarity, revealing the inconsistency and illegitimacy of the Republic of Moldova’s actions.

Firstly, the availability of primary registration and standard license plates issued by the competent authorities of the PMR is a prerequisite for re-registration of cars at Registration Offices (VROs) with subsequent receipt of neutral-design license plates. Having seized the Pridnestrovian license plates billets, Moldovan customs authorities thus flagrantly blocked the activities of the VROs. Without obtaining the standard PMR license plates, car owners are deprived of the opportunity to put their vehicles on primary registration, operate it or register it in the VRO.

Secondly, paragraph 4 of the Protocol Decision on the participation of vehicles from Pridnestrovie in International Road Traffic of April 24, 2018 provides that the movement of vehicles with the Pridnestrovian license plates on the roads of the Republic of Moldova “will be carried out without restrictions in accordance with the previously reached agreements of the negotiation process”. The Moldovan Customs has taken an obviously destructive politicized step, deliberately violating the aforementioned agreement.

Thirdly, Moldova’s actions are illegitimate and inadequate from the point of view of the existing negotiating framework, including the Protocol of Agreed Issues of March 11, 1996, according to which “Pridnestrovie has its own national symbols (flag, coat of arms, anthem)”, as well as the Joint Statement “On guarantees of free movement of vehicles on the roads of the Republic of Moldova” of November 24, 1995 and a number of other agreements.

We emphasize the inadmissibility of this measure and the absurdity of Chisinau’s excuses. Otherwise, judging by Moldovan logic, blocking a batch of the PMR license plates means a ban on entry into Moldova of all Pridnestrovian cars under the same fictitious pretext?

In this case, Chisinau should be aware of all the consequences of such a step.

We call on the international participants of the 5+2 format to take measures to prevent the blocking of the movement of Pridnestrovian cars and to return the Moldovan side to an adequate position. The current dialogue degradation is the sole responsibility and result of the incompetence of the Moldovan side.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie is forced to inform that due to the next restrictive measures of Moldova, the VROs’ operation has been suspended as of today until further notice. The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic will continue to take measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of its citizens.