Comment by the PMR’s MFA


We reviewed the Moldovan Parliament’s decision to declare 2022 the “year of gratitude” to the combatants, who were sent by the Moldovan authorities to kill Pridnestrovians only for the desire to live on their land, speak their native language and raise children in their own system of cultural and moral values and traditions.

For many years, the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic has repeatedly called on the Moldovan authorities to give a consistent official assessment of the tragic events on the Dniester in the early 90’s, without which real progress in the settlement is impossible. Today, by the votes of 72 deputies of the Parliament, Moldova has actually put a political and legal end to this issue, glorifying and honoring the combatants who have not learned their lessons from the war with Pridnestrovie, continuing to threaten the Pridnestrovian people even now.

This political gesture of Moldova shows that even after almost thirty years since those tragic events, the modern generation of Moldovan politicians is very far from a mature understanding of the full depth of responsibility for the decisions taken, especially when they are fatally erroneous. Numerous declarations of Moldovan politicians on their commitment to the “democratic principles” and readiness for a “peaceful” settlement of relations with Pridnestrovie turn out to be void amidst their own opposite deeds, indicating their unwillingness to realize mistakes, draw conclusions and eventually achieve real reconciliation with Pridnestrovie.