Remarks by the PMR Foreign Ministry


We drew attention to the commentary published on October 27 by the office of Moldova’s Political Representative on the vehicle problem.

We note the deliberate and politicized nature of the crisis situation provoked by Chisinau in the transport sector of Pridnestrovie, as well as the attempts of the Republic of Moldova to gain commercial benefits by infringing on Pridnestrovian drivers. At previous meetings, the Moldovan representative on political issues openly linked the movement of passenger and cargo transport of the PMR with certain budget payments and competition in the transport industry.

We emphasize the unacceptability of the plans announced by Moldova to forcibly involve Pridnestrovian transport companies in the legal, customs and fiscal space of the Republic of Moldova.

Responsibility for the violated obligations to resolve all problematic issues strictly through a peaceful dialogue, fixed in the agreements of the “5+2” format, as well as for the consequences of any unilateral destructive actions outside the negotiation space framework lies entirely with the Moldovan side.

We note the unconvincing attempts of Moldovan representatives to mislead international participants in the negotiation process by alleging the Moldovan side has no commitments to solve the passenger and cargo transportation problem. Once again, we recall the provisions of the Protocol Decision of April 24, 2018 (paragraph 15), as well as the agreements previously signed by the parties describing the design and procedure for issuing neutral-design license plates for Pridnestrovian passenger and cargo vehicles.

The Pridnestrovian draft agreement on the admission of cargo and passenger vehicles to international road traffic by registering them in the Vehicle Registration Offices, presented back in 2019, is on the negotiating table. The persistent unwillingness to reach compromise solutions exposes Chisinau’s plans to continue pressure on Pridnestrovie by means of blockades and blackmail.

In this sense, we consider the cancellation of the meeting of the “Permanent Conference...” in Stockholm, previously scheduled for early November, at the request of Chisinau, to be an alarming signal.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the Moldovan side to lift all restrictions on Pridnestrovian motor transport and proceed to the immediate settlement of the entire spectrum of problematic aspects in transport and other important areas.

We are ready to jointly intensify practical efforts with international partners to ensure the functionality of all negotiation mechanisms and prevent escalation of tension. We count on assistance in ceasing the pressure on Pridnestrovian transport companies, as well as keeping the Moldovan side at the negotiating table to find effective solutions in the interests of people as soon as possible.