Discussion of Political Representatives Ended to No Avail


A meeting of political representatives, postponed twice earlier at the request of the Moldovan side, took place at the office of the OSCE Mission in Bendery.

The key issue on the agenda is the transport blockade of Pridnestrovie organized by Moldova. The negative position of the Moldovan side is still preventing possible agreements on mutually acceptable approaches to determining the mechanism of participation of Pridnestrovian cargo and passenger carriers in international road traffic. Chisinau, ignoring the previously reached agreements, conditions the access of such cars to registration in the Vehicle Registration Offices with a whole range of requirements, including the need to pay tax fees to the budget of the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, the Moldovan side absolutely refuses to state in writing its vision of the mechanism for resolving these issues, although earlier V. Kulminski confirmed his readiness to submit an official response to the 2019 Pridnestrovian initiative. In fact, Moldova purposefully sabotages the possibility of Pridnestrovian cargo and passenger transport to participate in international road traffic, creating a competitive advantage for Moldovan companies via administrative and prohibitive levers.

Additionally, the technical aspects of the functioning of Vehicle Registration Offices were touched upon. The sides highly appreciated the measures taken by Pridnestrovie to optimize the line and booking of appointments in the Vehicle Registration Offices. Meanwhile, the problems arising from the unfair execution of the Protocol Decision by the Moldovan side are for the most part still not resolved.

Other topical issues of the current negotiation process were also raised during the meeting.