Foreign Minister Gave a Paper at International Research-to-Practice Conference


Vitaly Ignatiev participates in the Pridnestrovie-Moldova-Russia: Topical Issues of Regional Security and Peacekeeping International Conference. The event arranged by the Institute for Social & Political Research and Regional Development and The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund is held in Bendery.

In his report, the Minister gave a detailed description of the current situation in the negotiation process with the Republic of Moldova. He noted the predominance of destructive approach to negotiation from the Moldovan side in recent years, which boils down to imitating the dialogue process with a simultaneous refusal to implement the agreements reached and increasing pressure on Pridnestrovie using hybrid forms and methods. Vitaliy Ignatiev recalled that the negative dynamics was directly related to the refusal of one of the Moldovan Political Representatives to sign the Bratislava Protocol in the fall of 2019. The Minister emphasized the consistent approaches shown by Pridnestrovie, including implementation of the agreements of 2016-2018 in good faith. This is the main aspect that can allow the parties to restart the negotiation process from a constructive position, if the Moldovan side is ready for it.

Moreover, Vitaly Ignatiev flagged the vital stabilizing role of the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester, guaranteeing a comprehensive security and the necessary conditions for political dialogue. The Minister expressed full support for the current format of the Dniester peacekeeping operation in the context of the upcoming 29th anniversary of the entry of Russian peacekeeping forces into the Security Zone, congratulated the peacekeepers, wishing them success and well-being.

The event will take two days involving the development of practical recommendations with their subsequent share to key stakeholders. The conference is attended by Russian and Pridnestrovian Co-Chairs of the Joint Control Commission Andrei Gorobtsov and Oleg Belyakov, Deputy Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council Galina Antyufeyeva, Deputy of the Supreme Council Andrei Safonov, Russian experts Sergey Markedonov, Natalya Kharitonova, as well as Pridnestrovian, Russian, Moldavian, Belarusian, Polish and Romanian researchers and public figures.