Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs took note of the biased media statements by the Official Representative of Moldova to the Council of Europe on the Romanian-language schools on the territory of Pridnestrovie.

In this regard, we draw the Moldovan official's attention to the fact that the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is committed to an approach allowing its citizens to exercise their right to freely choose the language of instruction and get education in appropriate educational institutions.

That the Pridnestrovian side approaches humanitarian issues of the negotiating agenda responsibly is confirmed by the implementation of the Protocol Decision "On Ensuring the Functioning of Latin-Script Moldovan Schools" dated November 25, 2017. The Pridnestrovian position in this area has been repeatedly welcomed by the 5+2 international participants, including the OSCE.

The statements by the Moldovan representative, as well as the ECHR's politically biased decisions on the school issue have nothing to do with the reality and are explicitly tendentious. Moreover, they are designed to discredit not only Pridnestrovie, but also the Russian Federation - an important mediator and guarantor country that has made a vital contribution to reaching a number of agreements in the negotiation process, including in the field of education.

We call on the official representatives of the Republic of Moldova to refrain from public statements of their own frustrations and fakes that are in no way promoting the search for compromise solutions and do damage the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian dialogue. Should there be a real desire to understand the situation, we recommend that the content of specific agreements in the negotiation process be carefully reviewed.