Vitaly Ignatiev Met with Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vitaly Tryapitsyn


As part of his working trip to Moscow, the PMR's Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev met with Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vitaly Tryapitsyn.

During the conversation, a wide range of topical issues within the framework of the Pridnestrovie-Moldova relations settlement was discussed in detail. In this context, the parties supported strict implementation of the Berlin+ package agreements, as well as intensification of the dialogue at all negotiating levels, including the holding of the Permanent Meeting in the 5+2 format, without any preconditions, in accordance with The Principles and Procedures of the Negotiation Process.

Continuing their dialogue, the diplomats expressed concern about the recent provocations of one of the political forces of the Republic of Moldova in the Security Zone. As Vitaly Ignatiev noted, those actions at the checkpoints of Pridnestrovie had created problems in terms of free movement of people and were accompanied by threats against law enforcement representatives of the PMR. The head of the foreign ministry told that the Moldovan side and all international participants in the negotiation process had been approached with the inadmissibility of such actions that may violate the rights of Pridnestrovians and escalate tensions in the Security Zone.

During the conversation, the interlocutors also paid attention to certain aspects concerning the Russian-Pridnestrovian cooperation development and the functioning of the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester.

Concluding the meeting, the sides expressed their mutual interest in further systemic communication on the entire range of topical areas of bilateral interaction.