To the Attention of Citizens Planning to Visit Ukraine


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received reports about employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine refusing to admit to enter the territory of Ukraine citizens vaccinated in Pridnestrovie and possessing corresponding certificates of international standard issued in Pridnestrovie.

In this context, the Foreign Ministry notes that the process of population’s vaccination on the territory of the PMR is organized in close contact with the World Health Organization. Information about each vaccinated citizen is entered into a special online information system, to which representatives of both Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova do have access. Also, the forms of certificates used by Pridnestrovian medical institutions are officially approved by WHO and do not differ from those issued in the Republic of Moldova.

As an additional element of document’s authenticity confirmation, a special QR code is used, by means of which is being verified information about the bearer’s existence in the database of vaccinated citizens.

The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs interacts with representatives of Ukraine, the World Health Organization, the OSCE through diplomatic channels and also through other international partners in order to resolve this problem as soon as possible and guarantee the freedom of movement for people, as well as to prevent discrediting the idea of vaccination with vaccines certified by WHO.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will inform about the dynamics of situation development in an operational mode.