On the Working Discussion with OSCE Representatives


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev had a video format conversation with the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Thomas Mayr-Harting and the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Klaus Neukirch.

During the conversation, diplomats discussed in detail the current situation in the negotiation process, taking into account the negative tendencies and situation aggravation in the relations between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova.

A particular emphasis was made on Pridnestrovian officials’ unjustified detention at the Chisinau airport, which took place during the past week, and which consisted of many hours of conversations and official documents’ seizure. Vitaly Ignatiev expressed his opinion as to the inadmissibility of such restrictions, which are in direct conflict with the existing agreements concluded with OSCE’s direct participation.

Participants dwelt in detail the situation of a possible introduction of the so-called "second phase" of Joint Customs and Border Control at the Kuchurgany checkpoint. The Minister called for preventing restrictions on the import of goods into Pridnestrovie and suggested as well that the OSCE assist in unblocking the work of other checkpoints (primarily international ones) between Pridnestrovie and Ukraine in order to ensure the freedom of movement for the population.

The parties continued the dialogue on the subject of transport issues and emphasized the need to improve the VRO’s activities efficiency, so that to solve such problems as driver's licenses and allow registering in the VRO vehicles that belong to cargo and passenger carriers.