The PMR Supreme Council Will Send an Appeal to the President of the Russian Federation with Reference to the Situation within COVID-19 Vaccination


The PMR Parliament adopted a draft resolution "On appealing with reference to the current situation within COVID-19 vaccination." The document will be sent to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with a request to assist in saving the lives of Russian citizens and compatriots living in the PMR, and in arranging a prompt delivery of the Russian vaccine to Pridnestrovie.

Numerous appeals of Pridnestrovians, public organizations, heads of cities and regions of the republic served reason for such a document development.

“Unfortunately, we’re in a situation when the coronavirus vaccine allocated for the republic cannot enter our territory due to political nuances, while the third COVID-19 wave incidence is hitting Pridnestrovie. Hundreds of people fall ill every day and dozens die. Last week, the parliamentary-government delegation of Pridnestrovie paid a working visit to Moscow. At all levels and platforms, we raised the question: how come that the Russian-made vaccine, which has already been allocated to Pridnestrovie, is still in the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which distributes vaccines abroad, if there are no problems with its transportation to our republic? Sputnik V was registered with the Moldovan Agency for Medicines but some administrative and political barriers prevent it from entering Pridnestrovie,” the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov noted.

In an appeal to the Russian leadership, the Supreme Council expresses gratitude for assistance provided by the Russian Federation to the people of Pridnestrovie. The visits of Rospotrebnadzor’s specialists, online consultations with Russian experts and coronavirus detection test systems provision as humanitarian aid have become an invaluable support in countering the first and second waves of morbidity, the document says. Supreme Council deputies focus on the critical situation in the republic’s health care that was caused by the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The rates of daily morbidity and mortality have increased, coronavirus hospitals are 97% full, the increase in cases is twice the number of recovered patients. According to the parliament, vaccination is, at the moment, the only way to stop the virus spread and save lives.

The parliamentary commission on foreign policy prepared the draft resolution of the Supreme Council "On appealing with reference to the current situation within COVID-19 vaccination".

“We are perhaps the only country in Europe where citizens’ vaccination has not yet started, and that due to the fact that the Sputnik V vaccine has not yet arrived from the Russian Federation as humanitarian aid. We considered it necessary to appeal to Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation” Galina Antyufyeva, the Head of the parliamentary commission on foreign policy said.

Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev attended the Foreign Policy Commission meeting, he supported the parliamentarians’ appeal to the Russian leadership.

“The voice of the people which needs the Russian support must be heard. Parliament represents the interests of the people of Pridnestrovie and I think, this is the best way to reach out the Russian Federation with a request to assist in the fight against the pandemic, since our republic is the only territory on the entire European continent where vaccination has not yet begun, the situation is extremely difficult ", - the Head of the PMR Foreign Ministry Vitaly Ignatiev noted.

Copies of the appeal addressed to the President of the Russian Federation will be sent to the Federation Council and the Russian State Duma of.

Source: Supreme Council of the PMR’s website