Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry’s Comment


The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs keeps receiving information that on the Ukrainian-Pridnestrovian border, at the Kuchurgany check point, the Republic of Moldova’s border officials are spreading rumors that allegedly, starting from March 15, current year, the movement of Pridnestrovian vehicles, except from those possessing neutral plates, will be limited.

In this context, the Pridnestrovian side has held substantive consultations with the 5+2 format international participants, including with the OSCE Swedish Chairmanship-in-Office, and concluded after consultations that the current Republic of Moldova government’s actions show noncompliance and discrepancy with the reality.

As well known, the VRO working mechanism in its current version comprises artificially created civil-legal elements of discrimination and does not possess a full functionality. The first priority task is to eliminate the fifteen VRO’s activity specific problems, that Experts (from both sides) have recorded, with an aim to create a capable mechanism that would respond to all Pridnestrovian residents’ interests. This mechanism’s dysfunction has brought to the fact that over the las two years, from the total Pridnestrovian drivers’ amount, only 4% took the opportunity to register neutral plates.

We do, once again, call for the Moldavian side to get back to a substantive work at the negotiation table to create conditions that would guarantee human rights observance allowing unhindered participation in the international traffic for Pridnestrovian drivers, and take agreed decisions only on this basis.

The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues its diplomatic work aimed at protecting Pridnestrovian residents’ interests and calls on drivers to keep calm and resist manipulations.