Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry’s Statement as to New Facts Showing the Republic of Moldova Is Being Blocking the Pridnestrovian Foreign Economic Activity


Some of the republic’s enterprises have recently appealed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic informing about the facts of illegitimate detention at the Kuchurgany checkpoint and on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, of a number of goods intended for internal consumption within Pridnestrovie.

The specific behavior of individual representatives of the Republic of Moldova point at opportunistic and politically motivated reasons when hindering the economic activity of Pridnestrovie. Economic activity blocking is carried out violating the agreements in the negotiation process and the import regime that has established over many years.

Moreover, some Pridnestrovian economic agents had their licenses revoked post factum, without warning or explanation, after the cargo got delivered and only when proper registration standard procedure started.

Pridnestrovie considers it unacceptable creating administrative-bureaucratic and other barriers to the import of goods into Pridnestrovie. The Moldovan side and International Participants in the negotiation process were informed about at the official political-diplomatic level.

We call on the official Chisinau to take the necessary measures aimed at normalizing the situation as soon as possible and at ending any forms of pressure on Pridnestrovian enterprises.