Vitaly Ignatiev Expressed Condolences to Masis Mayilyan the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the NKR on the Loss of Artsakh Foreign Ministry Employee Yervand Khadzhiyan


The Head of Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry, Vitaly Ignatiev sent his condolences to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Masis Mayilyan on the tragic loss of the head of the Diaspora Department of the Artsakh Foreign Ministry, Yervand Hadzhiyan.

The PMR Foreign Minister stressed that in the memory of the Artsakh people Yervand Khadzhiyan will remain "a selfless, principled and consistent fighter for country’s freedom and independence, a brave and courageous citizen of his state."

“On this day, I send you words of sincere support and sympathy and to the family and friends wishes for fortitude, spiritual strength and patience,” the statement said.