On Telephone Conversation between Vitaly Ignatiev and Masis Mayilyan Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Artsakh Republic


Today, the Pridnestrovian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vitaly Ignatiev initiated a telephone conversation with the Head of the Foreign Ministry of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Masis Mayilyan.

During the conversation, Vitaly Ignatiev noted that Pridnestrovie was concerned to learn about the full-scale hostilities that started on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border. In this regard, the diplomat expressed words of empathy for Artsakh people in connection with the conflict escalation caused by hostile armed formations’ onset.

In turn, Masis Mayilyan thanked Vitaly Ignatiev and the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry for the kind words, noting that it is such moments that external support is most appreciated in. The NKR Foreign Minister told as well about the current situation in the republic in the context of ongoing clashes.

Ending the conversation, Vitaly Ignatiev expressed his hope for an early end to the bloodshed and for the conflict settlement process return to a peaceful political dialogue.