An Exhibition about Pridnestrovie Was Presented in Saint Petersburg


The public organization I Come from Pridnestrovie prepared the exhibition dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the republic.

The exhibition dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Pridnestrovie got opened in St. Petersburg. Initiated by the public organization "I Come from Pridnestrovie" it aims uniting compatriots living in Russia.

“I love my homeland and my compatriots. And we could not ignore the date of the 30th Anniversary of the PMR. In a pandemic, the exhibition seemed to be the optimal format to remind compatriots of home and tell about the republic to those who know nothing about it” Vladimir Gushan, founder of the I Am from Pridnestrovie organization, says.

The exposition was prepared with the support of the State Suvorov Memorial Museum, the Museum of the Combat Brotherhood of Russia, philanthropists from Pridnestrovie and war veterans. The organizers tried to show close ties between Pridnestrovie and Russia, PolitExpert reported.

“Russia is not only fraternal people. It is support and family, historical homeland. About 250 thousand inhabitants of Pridnestrovie are citizens of the Russian Federation. And although there are three official languages in the republic, everyone speaks Russian,” Vladimir Gushan said.

The exhibition pays special attention to the legendary commander and founder of Tiraspol, Alexander Suvorov.

A large block of exhibits is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War: there are maps of military operations, a Hero's star provided by one of the veterans, and a 1944 infantry sergeant uniform.

Collected materials about the post-war period, and the largest section of the exposition all this tells about the armed 1992conflict: newspaper clippings, victims’ photographs, unit soldiers and volunteers’ uniforms.

Among the guests, the exhibition also attended defenders of Pridnestrovie, both indigenous inhabitants of the republic and Russian volunteers. According to visitors, such events help to learn more about the republic and its inhabitants.

“I do not remember such exhibitions holding. It was very gratifying to see many people here, veterans of not only Pridnestrovian but also other conflicts. This is called the consolidation of civil society. The organizers have prepared an amazing exposition, important not only for us, those who already know this story but also for the younger generation, " a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the Governor of the Leningrad Region, head of the Leningrad Volunteer Center for Patriotic Education and the Museum fighting brotherhood of Russia, German Vladimirov said.

Source IA Novosti Pridnestrovya