The Foreign Ministry Hosted the Meeting with the Artsakh Republic Delegation


The Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev met with the Artsakh Republic Delegation headed by Artur Tovmasyan, Chairman of the National Assembly. The Artsakh Delegation was as well presented by Semyon Afiyan the State Secretary-Manager of the MFA Apparatus, the Chairman of the National Assembly Adviser Karen Vanyan and the Head of Trade Representative in Pridnestrovie Gegam Gevorkyan. 

Greeting the guests, Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized that Pridnestrovie and Artsakh have traditionally been in deeply friendly ties. “I am very glad that despite the coronavirus pandemic, you managed to share with us the joy of the PMR Anniversary. Taking into consideration the fact that on September 2, their independence declared Pridnestrovie and Nagorny Karabakh I congratulate you and the people of Artsakh on this extremely important holiday and wish you peace, prosperity, constant moving forward and reaching all the set goals”, Minister said.

On their part, the Artsakh Delegation members as well congratulated Pridnestrovians on Republic’s Jubilee. “We really strived being with you on this notorious day regardless all current obstacles. This is our Parliament Chairman’s first visit abroad and it is quite symbolic it took place namely in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Semyon Afiyan, the State Secretary-Manager of the Artsakh MFA Apparatus noted.

During the meeting Vitaly Ignatiev was handed in the document on nomination of Gegam Gevorkyan as the Artsakh Trade Representative in Pridnestrovie. Recall, the intergovernmental agreement on mutual Trade Representatives establishing was signed in Stepanakert on November 23, 2018. On his part, Vitaly Ignatiev confirmed the Pridnestrovian Side’s intention to finish all the needed juridical and organizational procedures aimed at establishing the PMR’s Trade Representative in Artsakh and naming its head as soon as possible. He also express confidence that on these formation’s platforms is to be realized as the economical wide functional so the cultural-humanitarian one and other forms of cooperation.

Continuing the meeting the parties changed views as to further prospective activation of bilateral cooperation with an emphasis on strengthening trading-economic relations. In this context, Vitaly Ignatiev mentioned the Pridnestrovian productive potential, alike the measure taken to develop the agrarian sector and other branches of republic’s economy.

“I consider our plans being quite ambitious and it is very pleasant that the Pridnestrovian-Artsakh cooperation is step by step reaching more practical paths, the head of the Foreign Ministry noted.

Ending the meeting, interlocutors confirmed their openness for a day-to-day working communication on the whole range of important issues for Pridnestrovie and Artsakh.