Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry Message as to the VRO’s Activity Suspension


The Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry informs that the VROs situated in Tiraspol and Rybnitsa suspend their activity and will temporary switch to a consultative working mode starting with September 1, 2020.

Such changing in the working mode caused the Republic of Moldova’s decision to recall its representatives that used to work within the VRO for getting through some technical training procedures; namely this fact led to their activity cessation and to a relevant VRO functionality shortage. 

Such an unjustified suspension of the VRO work contradicts the Protocol Decision of April 24, 2018 and testifies to Moldova's irresponsible approach to the officially accepted obligations under the 2016-2018 agreements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR expects a natural reaction to the actions of Chisinau on the part of mediators and observers in the"5 + 2" international negotiation format.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, with international support, will continue efforts to return Moldova fulfill its obligations during the negotiations with Pridnestrovie, including searching for solutions to the remaining problematic issues in the VRO activities.

Within the framework of adherence to the internationally agreed mechanism, the Pridnestrovian side will independently, on a temporary basis, ensure the continuation of the VRO’s work in an information and consultative mode.