On the Meeting of Expert (Working) Groups on Education


The meeting of expert (working) groups on education took place on August 10,2020 as an outcome of the Pridnestrovian and Moldovan Political Representatives’ meeting. During the meeting, the attendants concentrated on aspects connected to the new studying year that begins September 1, current year in the context of conditioned security measures aimed at combatting the coronavirus infection spread. 

The head of the expert group, representing Pridnestrovie informed about classes resuming format tryouts beginning with September 1, about new changes oriented at minimizing contamination risks for Pridnestrovian pupils and finally gave a complex of recommendation to the Moldovan side as to synchronizing efforts with Pridnestrovie within this field of activity.

The Pridnestrovian side proposed reasoning from the importance to observe the safety and health of pupils and teachers that study and work in Pridnestrovian schools teaching in Romanian and further shared its model vision of the studying process organization when the school year starts.

It was separately noted that children’s health and safety are priority in this situation, especially when talking about the importance not to admit infection outbreak in the mentioned educational institutions that could critically damage the learning process. 

The Pridnestrovian side affirmed as well that pupils and teachers that study and work in Pridnestrovian schools would be able to freely attend the educational institutions. Together with, it appeared out that a part of pupils and teachers attending the schools in Pridnestrovie live on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Taking that into consideration, the Moldovan side was proposed providing according information on the given group of citizens so that the Pridnestrovian side takes according decisions. 

The Pridnestrovian side showed as its openness towards the dialogue on technical aspects of schools functioning, as the interest to establish cooperation between subject-matter experts on regular Anti-Epidemic measures control.