Comment by the PMR’s MFA


In connection with the ongoing attacks by certain high-ranking officials of the neighboring Moldova regarding the methods used by Pridnestrovie to contain the pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR underscores the following.

The controlled quarantine crossing points on the border of Pridnestrovie with the Republic of Moldova function primarily and explicitly to protect the health of the Pridnestrovian citizens by preventing a massive disease “importation” from abroad.

In its efforts to contain COVID-19, Pridnestrovie relies on its own resources, taking all possible measures to reduce the burden on the state healthcare system and attributing an unconditional priority to saving the lives of the Pridnestrovian citizens over any other arguments.

Pridnestrovie resorts to the best international practices, with due regard to the recommendations of respected international structures and organizations, as evidenced by the incidence rates in the republic. The latter has been achieved through the dedicated efforts of medical staff, as well as the timely implemented set of government measures, including the enhanced sanitary control at the border with the neighboring Moldova back in March.

Any threats and speculations by Moldovan representatives in this regard lie beyond the common sense, have no positive perspective and only trigger tension and mutual alienation.

The PMR’s Foreign Ministry calls on the Moldovan authorities not to waste time on empty talk, but rather to focus on true responsible work to counter COVID-19 in their own country, since it is due to the frustrating pandemic situation in Moldova that most countries of the world have put it on the “red zone” list, thereby limiting the international travel opportunities of the Pridnestrovian citizens.