On the Meeting of Road Transportation Field Experts


Today, a meeting of expert (working) groups on transport and road infrastructure development was held through a videoconference, following the previous multiple proposals from Pridnestrovie.

Restrictions in crossing Moldova-Romania border with Pridnestrovian-type driving licenses were highlighted by the Pridnestrovian representatives as a major problem during the discussion with the Moldovan delegation and representatives of mediators and observers.  The need was stressed to find a sustainable solution with due regard for a number of previous Pridnestrovian initiatives officially submitted, as well as the international partners’ opinion publicly stated.

The parties discussed in detail the current activity of Vehicle Registration Offices in Tiraspol and Rybnitsa, which does not meet the interests of all Pridnestrovian citizens and the content of existing agreements on the participation of Pridnestrovian vehicles in international traffic. In particular, the Pridnestrovian delegation demanded to remove unreasonable and discriminatory restrictions on access to car registration in the VROs for Russian and Ukrainian citizens who imported their own vehicles in Pridnestrovie after signing the Protocol Decision of April 24, 2018.

Along with this, the Pridnestrovian representatives suggested that the Republic of Moldova should revise its unilateral restrictions, unspecified in the Protocol Decision, according to which vehicles over 10 years old (imported after April 24, 2018) cannot be registered in the VROs.

Registration of vehicles in VROs owned by the Pridnestrovian companies engaged in international passenger traffic was also highlighted. The Pridnestrovian side called on the Moldovan experts to fulfill the obligations stipulated by the relevant provision of the Protocol Decision, warning that further delays could become the basis for streamlining transit routes carried out by Moldovan companies through the PMR’s territory. Pridnestrovie requested a substantive review of the draft agreement in this area submitted to the Republic of Moldova back in October 2019.

Issues related to drivers’ motor vehicle liability insurance, registration of trailers in VROs, and optimizing the wait-list management order in VROs were discussed.