On the Meeting of Expert (Working) Groups on Environmental Issues


On July 9, 2020, a meeting of expert (working) groups on environmental issues from Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova was held in a videoconference format.

During the meeting, relevant peer experts discussed issues related to the conservation and rational use of the Dniester aquatic biological resources. In particular, the Pridnestrovian side provided information on 2019 efforts to stock the river with commercial species of fish and suggested a regular exchange of such data.

Additionally, the Pridnestrovian experts drew attention to the need to agree in advance a fishing ban period on the Dniester River during the spawning period, as well as relevant activities by field services of the parties to tackle poaching. Further, Moldovan experts were informed about the Pridnestrovian legislative decision to establish an indefinite-term ban on commercial fishing at all public water bodies, except for the Kuchurgan reservoir.

At the Pridnestrovian side’s initiative, the issue of spring environmental water release on the Dniester River was raised. In addition, a special focus was put on the need for a rapid exchange of information between representatives of Pridnestrovie, Moldova and Ukraine in the event of a large volume of flood water passing through Dniester-based hydraulic structures.

During the meeting, other environmental issues were also discussed.