Comment by PMR's Foreign Ministry regarding Further Insinuations by the Moldovan Political Representative


We paid attention to further emotional rhetoric of the Moldovan representative in the international negotiation process.

While Moldovan healthcare system is balancing on the verge of collapse and medical institutions cannot cope with the flow of sick people, the Moldovan side has resorted to tactics of inventing an external enemy image in order to refocus the public attention on the allegedly existing problems in the Security Zone, aimed at discrediting the Dniester Peacekeeping Mission.

Speculative attempts to accuse Pridnestrovie of taking measures to protect the health of its citizens are especially inappropriate amid the dramatic events in Moldova itself, when both the current Prime Minister and opposition leaders unanimously acknowledge in public the catastrophic situation due to the uncontrolled pandemic spread, causing deaths every day.

It seems that the Moldovan side is annoyed not by the quarantine posts themselves, but by their apparent efficiency in the fight against the coronavirus infection.

Insinuations and distortions removed makes it clear that Chisinau, through its official's mouth, actually accuses authorities of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian  Republic of taking decisions that comply not with the political conjuncture, but with the interests of human security. Obviously, such Pridnestrovian approaches directly contradict and in no way correlate with inconsistent populist to-and-fros by the Moldovan leadership, which further highlights the depth of fundamental differences between the two neighboring states. This difference is conceptual in nature and is determined not only by the actual state border, which the Moldovan official is trying to focus on. Each day makes it more noticeable both for the citizens of the two republics, and for the world community.

Speculations of the Moldovan representative regarding the so-called "freedom of movement" look opaque and absurd amid the humble position of the Moldovan authorities regarding restrictions on the Moldovan citizens' movement imposed by other international actors, including neighboring states, who have reasonably put Moldova in the “red zone” list due to the negative dynamics of the coronavirus incidence.

It is possible that a critical failure situation in Moldova is pushing some hotheads to aggressive intentions in relation to Pridnestrovie. It is alarming that the political representative of the Republic of Moldova, together with the Minister of Defense, addressed the parliament to determine the so-called “response measures”.

Given that the Chisinau representative in the international negotiation process routinely continues unscrupulous speculations about anything, rather than engaging in the negotiations themselves, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic calls upon the Moldovan side to urgently get back on track and to begin fulfilling its obligations in a speedy and full manner with a view to improving  socio-economic living conditions of people.

We draw the international partners' attention to the unacceptable ultimatum rhetoric of the Moldovan side, and also suggest that current OSCE Chairmanship and international mediators step up their efforts to convene the 5+2 Permanent Meeting to return Moldova to the negotiating table.