Vitaly Ignatiev Met with the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch


The Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of the PMR's Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev with the head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch. The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank Vladislav Tidva and acting Head of the PMR's State Telecommunications Service Vladimir Belyaev.

In his welcoming speech, Vitaly Ignatiev noted the ongoing degradation of the negotiation process due to the Moldovan side's inability to negotiate. In addition, the PMR's Foreign Minister highlighted the forthcoming electoral processes in the Republic of Moldova which, according to him, could further complicate the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian dialogue.

“This year is already crossing its equator. The political calendar in Moldova is quite eventful, if we are talking about the autumn period. There is less and less time to solve the problems substantively. Therefore, I would like to note that today's meeting is attended by the heads of relevant expert groups so that we can discuss some aspects in more detail. Our position is unequivocal: we want to use every opportunity to ensure that the dialogue between the parties is not confrontational, beneficial for people and, in principle, helps to normalize relations between the parties,” the Minister said.

During the conversation, diplomats continued to discuss pressing issues in relations between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova focusing on the implementation dynamics of the previously reached agreements, including in the field of telecommunications and inter-bank cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to continue working contacts on the entire spectrum of topical issues.