The Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry’s Comment on the Next Medicines Import Blocking by Moldova


The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that the Republic of Moldova has returned to destructive, antihuman methods blocking the import to Pridnestrovie of the so needed medicines to be used within pandemic fight.

Kishinev continues exerting pressure on Pridnestrovie and blocks first priority goods’ import to the PMR. It initiated that Ukraine closes all bordering with Pridnestrovie checkpoints. Up to-date there are five blocked transport facilities on the Moldovan territory carrying medicines for Pridnestrovian pharmaceutical companies while a number of them is not able for a week get the corresponding documentational processing. 

Moreover, the Pridnestrovian importers received an official notification, signed by the head of the Specialized Agency on Medicines and Medical Products of the Republic of Moldova requesting that all the importing medical goods get through administrative-bureaucratic procedures and that they are obligatory present in the Moldovan Medicines Registry. It is not possible for the Pridnestrovian suppliers to get implemented the given request and the reasons are obvious and well-known, so this fact blocks almost 70% from the whole medicines list’s actual delivery to the PMR, the producers of which are the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the EAEU countries and other states.

Pridnestrovie is stating of Moldova’s repeatedly using inhuman blocking measures aimed at vital medicines’ import limitation to the republic in the midst of pandemic, thus, confirming the political background and the artificial character of the problem.

The next limitation spiral is a glaring violation of human universal rights and freedoms by Moldova that causes a direct threat to people’s health and shows Moldovan authorities’ real attitude towards the residents of the PMR. Pridnestrovie urges the Moldovan side to come to its sense, not repeat the former mistakes and immediately lift medicines’ supply limitations.  

We call on the 5+2 format international participators to get involved in the situation and help speedy settling the occurred problem, thus, providing assistance to eliminate the created by Moldova medical products’ disruption supply to Pridnestrovie.