Pridnestrovie and Moldova Held Discussions on Customs Issues


On the Pridnestrovian initiative and under the auspices of the OSCE Mission, a meeting of Expert (Working) Groups on Customs Cooperation was held in a video conference format involving representatives of international partners.

Pridnestrovian representatives noted that lacking proper cooperation due to Moldova’s fault, primarily in transiting vital goods to the PMR, appeared to be additional problem aggravating the situation during the pandemic. Following the previous meeting of relevant experts, the Pridnestrovian side proposed a draft Protocol Decision on Mutual Transit of Goods, which, however, was ignored by Kishinev, thus proving the deliberate nature of restrictions on goods import to Pridnestrovie during the pandemic.

The Pridnestrovian side outlined in detail the customs restrictions imposed by the Republic of Moldova in the last two months based on the presentation. Particular emphasis was placed on unjustified categorization of goods imported by Pridnestrovie as dual-use products, which resulted in losses for Pridnestrovian companies.

For example, the Moldovan side earlier repeatedly detained medical equipment, reagents for processing the COVID-19 tests, components for ventilators, drugs, equipment necessary for strategic enterprises, such as MGRES, Tiraspoltransgaz-Pridnestrovie, Tirotex-Energo, Interdnestrcom.

Particular attention was paid to those cargoes that failed to be imported into the PMR, including vehicles whose import was blocked by the Moldovan side contrary to the provisions of the Protocol Decision of April 24, 2018, as well as agricultural machinery and plant protection products, urgently needed in Pridnestrovie amid the failed harvest.

According to Pridnestrovian experts, the bureaucratic-restrictive import regime over recent months raises the need to prevent damage to the economic welfare of Pridnestrovians through the Republic of Moldova’s intention to introduce a “joint control” on the border between Pridnestrovie and Ukraine.

The Pridnestrovian representatives focused the international participants’ attention to the fact that pressure instruments implemented by Moldova during the epidemic confirm suspicions that Kishinev will not abandon discrimination methods after the situation normalizes, destroying a regular dialogue and leading to tensions between the parties. The Pridnestrovian side once again called upon the Moldovan representatives for a responsible dialogue.