Conscience and Sanity Deficit. Why Is Conflict Fomenting the Republic of Moldova’s Political Representative


The PMR Foreign Ministry press service comments on new Kristina Lesnik’s “information attacks”

Lately, the Moldovan Political Affairs Representative Office launched a real information campaign against Pridnestrovie. Official publications on the website of the government of Moldova, press releases published almost daily contain various charges against the PMR. In its comments, the Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already given these “information attacks” a corresponding assessment. The day before, the Political Affairs Representative Office announced some “incidents” and “violations” in the Security Zone. In particular, Kishinev was outraged by “additional border posts on the Pridnestrovian side”. Pridnestrovie News Agency has applied to the PMR Foreign Ministry press service with a request to comment on these statements.

The political representative from Moldova, K. Lesnik, regularly throws “hysteria” on additional border posts installation on the Pridnestrovian side in the Security Zone. Can they really carry any danger to the Republic of Moldova?

As you know, the vast majority of countries in the world in response to pandemic have taken measures to limit the border crossing regime. Pridnestrovie is no exception.

The activity of Pridnestrovian mobile duty on the border with Moldova is caused by the need to ensure proper monitoring of compliance with quarantine measures and pursues the main goal aimed at protecting human life and health. Such a special mode of operation is based on international recommendations, good practice and the legislation of Pridnestrovie.

Pridnestrovian mobile duties operate on their rightful territory, carrying out an important mission to prevent the uncontrolled movement of persons outside the established crossings, orienting people to a responsible approach in the security interests of both: their own people and those close to them. At all existing Pridnestrovian checkpoints, the quarantine mechanism is clearly tuned, thermometry and rapid tests for COVID-19 are carried out allowing to quickly identify potential patients and decide on the provision of timely medical care. In fact, the current sanitary and epidemiological functionality of the posts at the border greatly helps doctors save lives.

Only if no conscience and sanity available, one considers possible denying the existing medical purpose restrictions applied all over the world (including in Moldova). Moreover, Moldova itself did not only quarantine entire settlements but even restricted movement within local cities and villages. However, at the same time, some representatives of the neighboring state voiced hypocritical protests refusing Pridnestrovie the same right and namely to protect its citizens’ health. 

All the emptiness and absurdity of the Moldovan official K. Lesnik’s position is obviously being built on double standards. Such primitive imitative actions to invent problems out of the blue create additional tension in the settlement process and discredit Kishinev as a stable and responsible participant in the negotiation process. In fact, instead of proposing a substantive negotiation work K. Lesnik, representing the Moldovan side in the negotiations is trying to impose an artificial conflict and scandalous agenda on other “5 + 2” format international negotiators and that has no viable perspective. It is quite natural that for this reason no one is interested in such an agenda except Kishinev. It seems that international partners are well aware of this.

How can one explain the situation when the political representative of the Republic of Moldova who signed in 2018 several constructive agreements with Pridnestrovie has now so dramatically changed approaches?

Political representative of the Republic of Moldova K. Lesnik’s regular speculations around the topic of posts are essentially inhuman and carry a grain of contention. Those Moldovan politicians who stand behind this official, pushing to such obvious inappropriate behavior should think carefully about the future. No one is allowed to manipulate human lives in their opportunistic political games, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pridnestrovian side, as always, will adhere to the principle saying that under any circumstances people's lives will remain the main unconditional priority.

At the same time, the official press releases of the Moldovan side show an attempt to link the activities of the Pridnestrovian border duty to peacekeeping issues on the Dniester.

It is important to understand that Kishinev’s requirements for some special citizens moving regime in the Security Zone are unreasonable from the point of view of previously reached negotiations. The thesis of absolutely uncontrolled “freedom” of movement in the Security Zone was completely invented by the Moldovan side and was not fixed in this form in any agreement of the settlement process.

Various protocol decisions feature population’s “freedom of movement along international transport corridors”, removing “barriers to the free movement for people from both banks of the Dniester, including officials of the sides,” “the importance of ensuring transport links between Moldova and Pridnestrovie,” etc. As is well known, all these obligations for many years up to-date are cynically violated by the Moldovan side showing Kishinev’s true attitude both to freedom of movement and to people themselves.

Source: Pridnestrovie News Agency