On the Meeting of Subgroup on Human Rights


In a video call format today a human rights subgroup meeting was held. Following the results of the previous meeting, the human rights ombudsmen of the parties agreed to discuss the rights of people living with HIV / AIDS and the possibilities of cooperation on this track.

Violating the previously agreed agenda the Moldovan side tried to use this platform for speculation.

Responding to the Republic of Moldova’s unsubstantiated appeals it was particularly emphasized that any requirements regarding medical personnel movement are completely untenable and as a confirmation serves the example of mass infection of Romanian doctors arriving in Moldova and the general extremely negative statistics of COVID-19 infected Moldovan health workers .Along with, it was indicated that Pridnestrovie found a way to accommodate with the Moldovan side in this matter formulating an initiative on temporary residence of interested physicians from Pridnestrovie on the territory of the Republic of Moldova that Kishinev subsequently implemented with the help of UNDP.

In addition, the Pridnestrovian side emphasized that it does not create any obstacles to the Romanian school staff movement or to agricultural workers cultivating land on the territory of Pridnestrovie as provided by the Protocol Decision.

The Pridnestrovian side also informed there were numerous facts of human rights violation in Pridnestrovie by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova during the pandemic. Thus, were noted repeated cases of Pridnestrovian goods blocking at the Moldovan border, including medicines and medical equipment being vital for the Pridnestrovian population during the coronavirus pandemic period. Separately was emphasized the practice of forcing Pridnestrovians to purchase Moldovan compulsory medical insurance policies. If no such policies available, people were not admitted to take flights and return to their permanent place of residence in the PMR.   

Pridnestrovian representatives made a rigorous legal evaluation to the indicated inhumane actions of the Republic of Moldova that led to massive fundamental rights and freedoms violations of Pridnestrovians.