On Moldova Undercutting Expert (working) Groups Activities


This week, the Pridnestrovian side initiated four meetings of expert (working) groups: on customs interaction, telecommunication and postal services, development of transport and road facilities and a subgroup on banking issue.

Within the framework of experts on telecommunications and postal services meeting it was planned discussing the extremely important problem of the Republic of Moldova’s fulfilling Protocol Decision obligations on measures to arrange interaction on telecommunication and electrocommunication from November 25, 2017 and joint measures aimed at eliminating harmful interference caused by Moldovan communication operators on the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

The discussion transport experts on driver’s licenses key issue and on parameters and conditions for resuming the Vehicle Registration Points operation in Tiraspol and Rybnitsa was also expected.

For more than six months Moldova has been avoided meeting the subgroup with banking interaction agenda containing topical issues as: removing bans of Pridnestrovian enterprises’ accounts servicing in Moldovan banks, discussion on international bank cards functioning blocking on the pridnestrovian territory, and establishing cooperation between banking systems of Pridnestrovie and Moldova.

No reaction from the representative on political issues from the Republic of Moldova followed the officially directed initiatives to the Moldovan side and all the “5 + 2” format participants.

Such an approach points to the lack of constructive working position on specific negotiation agenda issues. Hiding from direct dialogue and avoiding substantive work Kishinev demonstrates a dismissive attitude towards the current negotiation mechanism, towards the international mediators' and observers’ efforts in the 5 + 2 format and the attitude to the agreements themselves that Moldova overwhelmingly does not execute.

This irresponsible Kishinev’s approach is an obvious challenge and threat to the existing negotiation structure requiring a corresponding reaction from the international participants in the negotiation process.

Pridnestrovie calls on representatives of the neighboring state to stop evading full participation in the dialogue and return to adequate work in order to fully implement the previously reached agreements in the name of people’s interests.