Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry’s Comment

The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes another false interpretation that Moldova’s representative office on political issues published today.

Lately, one could observe primitive information attacks increasing aimed at denigrating Pridnestrovie against the background of Kishinev’s lack of success and initiatives within the negotiation mechanism. That indicates to positions loss and to the Moldovan side’s authority decrease showing its inability to act as a reliable and responsible dialogue participant. For this reason, Kishinev is trying to compensate its substantial dysfunction by means of scandalous public discourse and that emphasizes the deprofessionalisation level of Moldovan partners that made the pridnestrovian side and other international participants in the dialogue feel sincere regret.    

We regard as false and hypocritical the far-fetched and already cut-and-dried Kishinev’s accusations used in such an absurd way to justify and absolve itself of blame for expert work blocking. It is the Moldovan side that over the past months has been constantly rejecting Pridnestrovie’s proposals, thus, disrupting the expert (working) groups meetings within customs and banking sectors, on telecommunication, transport and other issues. 

Along with, the Republic of Moldova’s unjustified accusations against the pridnestrovian Health System on effectiveness against pandemic are easily offset while Pridnestrovie and international partners’ practical interaction. Recent World Health Organization delegations’, UNICEF’s and Rospotrebnadzor’s expert visits allowed not to only get an objective idea of the comprehensive mechanism for combating coronavirus in Pridnestrovie but also laid the foundation for a professional cooperation development.

As well known, today in Pridnestrovie more than half of all COVID-19 patients have been cured and that is significantly higher than in Moldova. The number of infected medical personnel is also several times lower than the same indicator in the Republic of Moldova (the PMR - 110 people, the RM - 1,349 people). The number of patients on the gate reaches 9 people in Pridnestrovie, one of them is put to a ventilator while in Moldova - 251 people are on the gate and out of them 20 are put to ventilators. As you can see, even a cursory glance at the situation suggests clear evidence of the provided treatment’s effectiveness in the PMR that fully meets the World Health Organization standards.

In the fight against pandemic, Pridnestrovie will continue the long-established professional cooperation with the Moldovan healthcare system’s representatives together with the Russian Federation and relevant international organizations’ representatives. That is a fact that requests no mediation or artificial politicization from the Republic of Moldova’s representative on political issues.

We urge the Moldovan side to recognize the futility and impasse of the chosen approaches, to apologize to pridnestrovian health workers and to stop ridiculous speculations leading to negotiations’ degradation.