Kishinev Avoids Negotiations and Seeks Shuffling off Responsibility to Tiraspol


How come that Moldova’s representatives deliberately disrupt the work of expert groups and blame Pridnestrovie for this?

On May 14, the Government of Moldova published a message on its website stating that due to the representatives of Pridnestrovie’s fault the meeting of expert (working) groups on customs and human rights issues did not take place. The content of this official publication seemed very strange because it was Tiraspol that has repeatedly advocated for an early discussion of problems on blocking vital cargoes for Pridnestrovie at the Moldovan border. "Pridnestrovie News" contacted the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR to get clarifications.

The Moldovan negotiator office complained that the pridnestrovian side postponed the meetings of two expert (working) groups. What did really happen?

As it is known, in recent months, instead of meaningful work in the negotiations Kishinev has shifted its efforts to the information plane and tried to manipulate public opinion diverting attention from real problems.

In this case, the Moldovan side once again fell into an absurd position when interpreting the standard agreeing technical procedure of date and time for experts’ meetings in a video communication format. In particular, it was the Pridnestrovian side that proposed the current date for expert meeting on customs issues to discuss constantly arising problems with imports while the need to postpone it occurred due to the Moldovan representatives’ unpreparedness. Moreover, we also set a specific date for the online human rights subgroup meeting.

There is an according diplomatic correspondence, including international representatives in the “5 + 2” format who know the real situation, therefore such stuffing is aimed solely at creating a false media information.

We emphasize that it is the Moldovan side that deliberately disrupts the work of expert groups. For example, since January current year, Kishinev postponed many times the subgroup on banking issues meeting and is not, even today, giving an answer as to its readiness for work. Unanswered remained the pridnestrovian initiatives to arrange an online f expert groups communication on telecommunications and transport.

As widely known, the vast majority of the Moldovan side’s obligations in the negotiations adopted in the framework of the Berlin Plus package has not yet been fulfilled. So, judging by the dynamics of expert dialogue blocking the Moldova is in no hurry to fulfill these international obligations.

Why do you think Kishinev is once again manipulating the facts?

It seems that the search for new reasons to blame Pridnestrovie during the epidemic has become a form of emergency image rescue for Chisinau.

The speculative and non-viable plan with holding a fictitious “emergency” 5 + 2 online meeting that deafly failed; the obvious absurd charges regularly voiced by the Moldovan side on various occasions; the recent official visit of the WHO delegation at Pridnestrovie’s request and held at a high professional level and in a constructive manner , - all these factors reinforce the international partners’ distrust in the approaches of the Republic of Moldova. Under these conditions, the Moldovan side is trying to find at least some excuse to shift the blame to Pridnestrovie.   

In addition, such insinuations clearly show the presence of frustration and even fear among the representatives of Chisinau before real expert work, which also reflects the general empty content of the Republic of Moldova current position in the framework of the negotiation process. The Moldovan representatives maximally delay the moment when they simply will have nothing to answer to the numerous arguments of the pridnestrovian side.

Source: Pridnestrovie News Agency