On Telephone Conversation between Vitaly Ignatiev and WHO Representative Igor Pokanevich


Today, as part of permanent working communication a telephone conversation between the PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and Igor Pokanevich, representative of the World Health Organization took place.

During the conversation, interlocutors discussed topical issues of current bilateral cooperation primarily related to arranging a monitoring mission for WHO representatives so that they familiarize themselves with the practice of combating COVID-19 in Pridnestrovie. In this context, the parties noted the existence of a conceptual agreement to conduct this visit, agreeing in the very near future to concentrate on working out organizational and technical aspects.

It should be noted that the Pridnestrovian side has earlier called for a WHO monitoring mission in Pridnestrovie. This initiative was further supported by the World Health Organization.

The Foreign Ministry welcomes the WHO’s constructive attitude and the international community’s position when refusing to hold the contrived emergency 5 + 2 format meeting requested by the Moldovan side, thus, showing a clear understanding that in this difficult period it is necessary to focus on the substantive work of specialized expert groups and the fight against coronavirus infection and not engage in speculation and political games.

Earlier, the Pridnestrovian side called on Moldova to abandon further false insinuations regarding the epidemiological situation in Pridnestrovie, including those related to the monitoring visit of the WHO delegation to the republic and return to productive interaction with Pridnestrovie as part of the negotiation process.