On the Next Freight Import Blocking by Moldova to Pridnestrovie


The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted the Republic of Moldova’s next in turn fact of blocking freight import to Pridnestrovie. And namely, since April 25, the Republic of Moldova is detaining on its territory the vehicle that transports equipment meant for providing security to the healthcare workers in the fight against coronavirus infection pandemic.  

It is worth noting that the official address to provide unhampered equipment delivery was sent in advance to the Moldovan side. No refusing answer was received from Kishinev on this issue. Along with, at the stage of equipment importing the Moldovan side rose administrative-bureaucratical requirements that hindered the delivery.

The Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry draws attention to Kishinev’s destructive approach that blocks freight import to Pridnestrovie by means of creating administrative-bureaucratical barriers. Such artificial limitations bear a clear antihuman character since it affects medical purpose freights meant at protecting lives while pandemic conditions. 

We call on the Moldovan side to stop politicizing and bureaucratizing the processes involved in the fight against COVID-19 spread and address to the negotiation process’ international partners asking for assistance in the early solution of the mentioned problem.