On Telephone Conversation with Sergey Gubarev


In the framework of constant working communication, a telephone conversation between the Pridnestrovian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev and the Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Gubarev took place.

The Minister expressed his gratitude to the Russian side for its substantial support in the fight against the coronavirus infection spread in Pridnestrovie, including the donation of 5000 tests and related reagents for COVID-19 virus disease detecting.

The interlocutors discussed in detail the measures taken by the Pridnestrovian side to contain the new type of virus and the situation in the negotiation process.

Vitaly Ignatiev informed the Russian diplomat about the existing challenges in relations with the Republic of Moldova paying particular attention to such problems as the import of medicines and other goods along with continuing banking restrictions, etc.

Vitaly Ignatiev and Sergey Gubarev discussed the “5 + 2” international negotiation format prospects. The interlocutors noted the lack of organizational prerequisites to hold the next meeting until the end of quarantine measures. At the same time, the parties agreed to make maximum efforts for an early meeting of the "Permanent Meeting ..." after the situation in the fight against coronavirus improves in order to restart the planned work aimed at implementing the entire volume of previously reached agreements.