The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Statement


The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviewed the representative on political issues from the Republic of Moldova Cristina Lesnic’s statements on convening a kind of “emergency” video meeting with the “5 + 2” format representatives’ participation.

As able to see, due to the lack of convincing arguments, the Moldovan side is demonstrating a critical decline in its professional level and that negatively affects the dialogue quality and impedes progress in the settlement.

A whole series of objective facts completely offsets Chisinau’s speculative attacks.

Thus, in the context of pridnestrovian doctors and medical staff’s activities in the Republic of Moldova’s medical institutions, Pridnestrovie was the only party that made a concrete proposal which is: to provide appropriate conditions for temporary residence of health workers in the Republic of Moldova for the period of quarantine measures in order to protect people’s health and lives. A similar mechanism has successfully shown results and is actively used in Pridnestrovie, in accordance with WHO recommendations. However, as the Moldovan political representative says in his official address today, “the doctors themselves largely refuse to accept housing because of the indefinite period of the pandemic in the Republic of Moldova.”

Moldova’s insinuations about access to medicines and medical services do not withstand criticism and that confirms the fact that in Pridnestrovie citizens were issued more than 100 passes to travel abroad for treatment.

Moldova has repeatedly blocked the delivery of drugs and medical equipment to Pridnestrovie using administrative and bureaucratic barriers. Today, the Republic of Moldova is guided by the publicly voiced ultimatum approach that the entire transit of goods, including import of medicines, should be considered from the point of view of the so-called "Reintegration process." Such inhumane patterns of behavior deprive the Moldovan side of legal and moral arguments for replicating allegations of certain restrictions on access to medicines.

Chisinau’s statements about lack of information on the fight against the pandemic in Pridnestrovie demonstrate the professionalism level of the political representative of the Republic of Moldova office staff.

It is known that medical interaction between the two countries is continuously carried out since the very first days of fight against the pandemic and all tests to determine COVID-19 in PMR are done in Moldovan laboratories. Information on the epidemiological situation in Pridnestrovie is publicly available. In addition, on April 8, was officially sent a letter to the Moldovan side with detailed description of effective tested recommendations for combating the infection based on the pridnestrovian experience.

Swift-boating as to the posts on the state border establishment are obviously of speculative nature, since this area belongs to the Security Zone and cannot be discussed at the 5 + 2 format and the political representative of the Republic of Moldova is well aware of.

The declarations of the Moldovan side are aimed at diverting the international partners and the general public’s attention from real problems both within the framework of the Berlin + package and those associated with the coronavirus spread.

In the event of the pandemic, the banking blockade organized by Moldova leads to the fact that not only retired Russian citizens living in Pridnestrovie but also employees of Moldovan institutions are forced to risk their own health leaving to withdraw funds while quarantine.

As we see, even an emergency situation in life is not the basis for the Moldovan side to review the inhumane politicized approaches while hypocritic public hysteria cover up the inability to solve real problems.

In view of the above mentioned, we urge the Moldovan side to end all forms to blockade and blackmail Pridnestrovie, immediately return to the professional dialogue and entirely fulfill all its obligations officially accepted in the international negotiation process with Pridnestrovie.

We will be glad if WHO’s representatives, as well as other international experts pay a visit to Pridnestrovie and familiarize themselves with the practice of coronavirus infection combating.