President Held the Meeting on Assuring Food and Medicine Supplies to the Pridnestrovian Territory


The President invited the PMR Government Chairman Alexander Martynov, the PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and Ruslan Mova the Minister of Internal Affairs and head of Operational Headquarter on Prevention the coronavirus spread to discuss the issue of assuring uninterrupted food and medicine supplies to Pridnestrovie during pandemic. They talked about the current situation, the current level of communication in this direction, the problems the republic is facing and the measures taken to solve them.

Vitaly Ignatiev informed of limitation of drug supplies. Since Ukraine has entered the quarantine, checkpoints on the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border are closed. In this regard, medicines come to the republic through Moldova. Last week, we managed to resolve the supply issue for two Pridnestrovian pharmaceutical companies. To date, six cars loaded with medicines are stuck on the territory of the neighboring republic. We promptly provided the information requested by the Moldovan side but the solution to the issue did not move off the ground. Pridnestrovie appeals to both the Moldovan side and the OSCE Mission and the participants of the “Permanent Meeting ...” format requesting to assist in assuring uninterrupted supplies of medicines to Pridnestrovie, emphasizing the importance of this essentially humanitarian issue in the context of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic’s participation in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Pridnestrovian leadership it is unacceptable introducing additional requirements and new administrative and bureaucratic restrictions in the current situation.

The President keeps this issue under his personal control.


Source: the PMR’s President website