Comment by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR on Insinuations of the Head of MFAEI


The Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry draws attention to the inadmissible confrontational speech character of the Minister of MFAEI, A. Chokoy at the 43rd Regular UNO Session on Human Rights, on February 25, 2020.

The diplomatic representative of the neighboring state voiced ridiculous propagandistic platitudes aiming at discrediting the Pridnestrovian nationhood and using them as an attempt to justify the Moldovan pathological inability to become a responsible subject within international communication neither within fighting corruption issues nor in the human rights field on its territory.

Stooping to the very bottom of political insinuations and using old, primitive cliché to blackening the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic the current Moldovan authorities demonstrate the lack of real and convincing arguments trying to turn up the confrontational tension and, thus, manipulate the public opinion in the conditions of a more and more obvious international isolation and while world community public trust loss.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR emphasizes that the Pridnestrovian sate protects the rights, freedoms and interests of its population by means of Constitution and Legislation. The main factors of Pridnestrovians’ rights violation are the blockades, sanctions and restrictions created by the Republic of Moldova.

The Moldovan representative mentioned a range of earlier reached agreements between Moldova and Pridnestrovie (which haven’t yet been completely implemented by Moldova) in the same raw with specific restriction manifestations and that is a hollow attempt to put themselves right with the international community since Kishinev has no distinct and consistent behaviour strategy within the negotiation process.

The fact that A. Chokoy thoughtlessly sounds other people's texts and careless phrases has already become a habitual practice and it prevents preserving the trust atmosphere and has nothing to do with constructive approaches for solving urgent problems in the negotiation process.
The Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry considers the criticism of the Moldovan representative against the OSCE unreasonable and expresses full support for the mediation efforts of this organization and all international participants in the settlement and successful long-term activities of the UN Senior Human Rights Expert in Pridnestrovie Thomas Hammarberg.