The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Opened the Exposition of Oksana Ponomarenko


The Foreign Ministry hosted the opening of the Pridnestrovian artist Oksana Ponomarenko exhibition “My Pridnestrovie”. The event was attended by the head of the Public Relations Department of the PMR Foreign Ministry Pavel Galtsev, the member of the Pridnestrovian Union of Artists Tatyana Shuma, the head of the KamArt creative association Yuri Salko and representatives of the creative community of Pridnestrovie.

Ponomarenko Oksana Vladimirovna was born in Pridnestrovie, Rybnitsa. After graduating the art school, she started working at the Rybnitsa children's art school. From this period, the artist's creative activity began a two-directions flow: painting and decorative and applied art (tapestry). Subsequently, graduated from PSU. T.G. Shevchenko. Since 1994 she has been teaching at the Dubossary Children's Art School. Multiple participant in plain airs and exhibitions organized by the Union of Artists of the PMR and KamArt, as well as city and republican art exhibitions.

Welcoming the guests, Pavel Galtsev noted the symbolism associated with the exhibition. “In my opinion, it is symbolic and even to some extent correct that we begin the anniversary year for the republic opening the exhibition “My Pridnestrovie” carried out by our artist, Oksana Ponomarenko. Looking at her paintings -  these are colorful landscapes, still-life paintings and tapestries - you understand her sincere love for our land beauty and today's exhibition can absolutely be considered her gift to our republic’s anniversary,” Pavel Galtsev said.

In turn, Tatyana Shuma, the member of Union Artists of Pridnestrovie, emphasized that Oksana Ponomarenko’s works are “very sunny and joyful.” “Oksana Ponomarenko has a very strong core inside, she can force herself to work any weather. Even if a severe fatigue, she goes to some beautiful place in Pridnestrovie and writes magnificent landscapes we can admire today. So much light, so much air, so much warm and good energy you can find in them,” Tatyana Shuma said.

The exhibition is to traditionally be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a month.