Special Land Use Mechanism for Moldovan Farmers in Pridnestrovie is Approved

Special Land Use Mechanism for Moldovan Farmers in Pridnestrovie is Approved

The previous day, at the meeting of the Government a special mechanism of land use for Moldovan farmers in Dubossary District of Pridnestrovie was approved. The relevant resolution following the instructions from the Pridnestrovie's President was presented by the Deputy Prime Minister for the International cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski.

The Head of the PMR's MFA notes that it is a year and a half since the issue of finding a mutually agreed formula for vesting the Moldovan farmers with right to use land  in Dubossary District has been a subject to negotiations between the political representatives. The compromise temporary land use mechanism developed in 2006 with participation of guarantors and mediators in the negotiation process, over the years simply seemed to be broken. The reason is the lack of appropriate control over the activity by Moldovan farmers. Thus, in 2006 the right to use land plot was given to 86 farmers, only one-fifth of them did not make illegal transactions with land.

Nina Shtanski, Deputy Prime Minister for the International cooperation, Foreign Minister: “In fact, 7 years later it became clear that since 2006 a critical mass of longstanding problems had accumulated, in other words, the mechanism stopped working. The situation that had arisen could not last anymore. Only point 4 which was one of 6 points of the 2006 mechanism operated in practice, it defined commitments only by the Pridnestrovian side, accordingly, the points that concerned Moldovan farmers were seriously violated.”

In the end, the Foreign Minister noted that a number of unused lands standing idle for years had been considerably increased. Agricultural crops gave way to quarantine weeds, cultivation regimes were violated. Besides, many of farmers redrew the boundaries of land plots in their own way, strip farming arose. It became difficult to exercise the phytosanitary control on this territory.

Despite this, some Moldovan farmers continued working in the framework of those agreements which had been reached in 2006. They did not make serious violations of land plots. They have documents for land plots issued by the State Administration of Dubossary in 2006. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, their rights must not be violated, as well as the rights of those Pridnestrovian farmers who still cannot use land because of the open issue, on the whole. Nina Shtanski reminded that those farmers did not use benefits at all.

Nina Shtanski, Deputy Prime Minister for international cooperation, Foreign Minister says that “The situation is heating up. 17 conscientious farmers who have not violated anything, who have not redrawn the boundaries of their land plots, who have not refused to provide necessary documents to be registered in the State Administration, who have not made illegal transactions, such as buying and selling or exchange transactions, are hostages of the situation, at present, hostages of political and diplomatic collapse regarding this issue, that\'s the only word for it.”

The new temporary mechanism proposed as a gesture of good will by the Pridnestrovian side is designed for one year and provides opportunities to 17 conscientious farmers to start finally working in the Dubossary District of Pridnestrovie. In parallel, the diplomats will continue the dialogue on this issue. All other farmers who do not cover by the category of conscientious farmers will be able to register in Pridnestrovie as legal entities, and according to the standard procedure, to conduct economic activities. In addition, Nina Shtanski noted that conditions created for the Pridnestrovian farmers must be equal. No discrimination can be accepted in this issue.

Originally published by http://tv.pgtrk.ru/news/20140409/18241