Information by the Press Service of the PMR’s MFA


Delegation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic today departed for Berlin for an official meeting of the “Permanent Conference on Political Issues in the Framework of the Negotiating Process for the Pridnestrovian Settlement”, which will be held on 2-3 June this year.

Let us recall that the previous official meeting of the “Permanent Conference...” in the 5+2 format was held in Vienna on 4-5 June 2014. In view of numerous unilateral actions by the Republic of Moldova in economic, transport and other fields, especially in the expansion of politically motivated prosecution of Pridnestrovian citizens, regularity of meetings in the framework of the “Permanent Conference...” was broken.

Currently the mediators in the negotiation process introduced an initiative prepared by the Russian Federation that is aimed at removing existing obstacles for a functional dialogue, including at giving impetus to the settlement of the criminal cases problem. As expected, the Russian Federation proposals will form the basis for discussion within the scheduled meeting on 2-3 June this year.

In addition, during the official 5+2 meeting participants will discuss problems regarding political management of expert (working) groups’ activity with a focus on priority areas such as road and railway transport and education. The Pridnestrovian delegation intends to pay special attention to inadmissibility of organisation of joint Moldovan-Ukrainian customs and border control at the Kuchurgan checkpoint.

Following the meeting OSCE Mission Office in Kishinev will host the traditional media briefing on 3 June at approximately 12:30 that is open for participation of all interested mass media. More information about the parameters of the media briefing will be posted on the official website of the OSCE Mission in Moldova and the PMR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will pass this information to the Pridnestrovian mass media through existing channels on 1 June this year.