President of the PMR: Our priority is to develop and strengthen economic and cultural ties with neighbours


The Head of State touched upon the contribution to the tension in the countries neighboured by the republic in his address to Pridnestrovians on air of the Pervy Pridnestrovsky TV Channel.

In particular, the President commented on the accusations of representatives of Ukrainian Parliament that Pridnestrovie allegedly interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

“I emphasize again: Pridnestrovie has always followed the policy of non-interference. The situation in the east of Ukraine is an internal problem of Ukraine, the citizens of Ukraine, in our opinion, should settle their conflict by themselves,” - said Yevgeny Shevchuk.

 According to the Head of State, the statements voiced by Ukrainian officials have an impact on the peace process on the Dniester and it is possible that they are the preparation for something more - for example, for tightening up the blockade of Pridnestrovie.

“Unfortunately, I note that some politicians, misinforming the public, represent authorities in Ukraine. Moreover, they try to convince the international community of it. Perhaps, because of a serious internal crisis, a number of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities cannot abandon the militant rhetoric for more than a year, blackmailing its European and American partners with Pridnestrovie,” - said the President of the PMR.

The Head of State remindes that officers, military observers from Ukraine have been present in Pridnestrovie for almost 17 years. They were integrated into the Joint Peacekeeping Forces and can move freely within the territory of Pridnestrovie. And if the Ukrainian observers did possess any facts, they could publicly voice them on the international platform of the Joint Control Commission, in the presence of the OSCE, to conduct an open analysis by all participants in the peacekeeping operation, - draws attention the President, adding that Pridnestrovie is ready for this.

“Moreover, we have repeatedly offered and sent formal proposals to the OSCE to monitor the situation, including on the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border, and make sure that Pridnestrovie does not conduct any military preparations,” - said the President.

“They are trying to bully us, and sow fear and doubt in order to control us. A number of external impulses are aimed at undermining our national interests, including through the launch of the “Maidan scenarios virus.” We see the results of this work in neighbouring countries. Our national interest lies in a peaceful, constructive development of the republic. Our priority is to develop and strengthen economic and cultural ties with neighbours: Moldova and Ukraine, removing any barriers to the movement of people, in trade and economic relations,” - said Yevgeny Shevchuk.

According to the President, at the same time there is an ambiguous situation in neighbouring Moldova. In particular, law enforcement agencies of Moldova were alerted in the Security Zone a few days ago. Given this fact and the frequent cases of movement of power structures of Moldova in the Security Zone the Head of State took a decision to strengthen protection of vital sites of Pridnestrovie.

Source: ИА «Новости Приднестровья»