On the Meeting with the Delegation of U.S. Embassy in Moldova


Today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic, Deputy Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev has held the meeting with the delegation of the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Moldova, headed by Political-Economic Section Chief of the Embassy Gregory M. Winstead.

In the course of the meeting, exchange of views on a wide range of issues took place. Discussion was mainly focused on the results of the visit by representatives of guarantors, mediators and observers in the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement to Kishinev and Tiraspol on November 4-5, 2011, and prospects for holding official meeting in the five plus two format due in Vilnius on the 30th of November – 1st of December, 2011.  In this connection, Vitaly Ignatiev once again defined position of Pridnestrovie which lies in the necessity to follow the principles of equality of the sides in the negotiation process, abidance by the earlier signed agreements, presence of guarantees of international partners, non-use of force, and peaceful character of the negotiations.

Also, diplomats discussed the current situation in the Security Zone, and the Draft Law on Goals and Principles of the Negotiation Process with the Republic of Moldova which the Supreme Soviet had passed in the first reading. Deputy Foreign Minister drew attention of representatives of the U.S. Embassy to the fact that the given Law is internal legal act and cannot exert significant influence on the interaction of the Pridnestrovien side with international partners.

 In the course of the meeting, diplomats focused on perspectives of resumption of the full-scale cargo railway traffic through the territory of Pridnestrovie. According to Vitaly Ignatiev, new in this process is involvement of the EU Border Assistance Mission in the working out of proposals on resumption of the railway communication.

In conclusion of the meeting, the participants discussed some issues of bilateral cooperation in humanitarian and cultural sphere.