Comment by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR


The Foreign Ministry of the PMR read the statement of the OSCE Ministerial Summit in Bratislava on the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian settlement process in the 5+2 format.

The range of trite formulations repetition in the declaration demonstrates a certain inertia of the approach and does not reflect the real reasons for the negotiation process stagnation in 2019, due to Moldova’s refusal to implement the set of commitments and the failure to sign the Bratislava Protocol to discredit the 5+2 international format.

Along with, Pridnestrovie supports the call to continue the rhythmical work at all negotiation levels. The crisis within the negotiation process in 2019 showed the need to redefine the 5+2 international format approaches as a major dialogue mechanism to ensure its active regular work under existing principles and procedures. 

We also welcome the decision of international partners to fix in the final statement, voted by 57 OSCE member states, a clause mentioning the category of the parties’ officials.

For the first time, at the OSCE level, the legal capacity of the Pridnestrovian representatives is recognized, together with their functions and powers compatible with the Pridnestrovian legislation. We are certain that objective understanding of current Moldovan-Pridnestrovian realities will increase the comprehensive and fair settlement based on equality, mutual respect, good-neighbourliness, with regard to the inalienable rights and interests of the Pridnestrovian nation.

We see no objective obstacles to sign the Bratislava Protocol, thereupon the Pridnestrovian diplomacy will continue a close cooperation work with international partners to ensure the dynamics of the negotiation process by fully implementing existing agreements and reaching new social and humanitarian agreements in the name of people’s interests.