Nina Shtanski commented the interpretation voiced in Moldovan media of the results of the meeting between political representatives


Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie, political representative from Pridnestrovie in the negotiation process Nina Shtanski gave a comment on Moldovan media reports made with reference to the words of the Moldovan vis-à-vis regarding “the decision to hold a meeting in the 5+2 format” allegedly taken by Tiraspol and Kishinev.

“I have carefully looked over the video recording of meeting the press, and, unfortunately, according to my observations,Viktor Osipov has become a hostage of the irresponsible, incorrect and quite bold interpretations”, - said the head of Foreign Ministry. “I had a telephone conversation with my counterpart, we clarified the positions and in this regard I must say that no decision on holding the next round of formal negotiations in the “5 + 2” format was taken in Kishinev yesterday. We did discuss the need for further work in all formats - it was the subject of our conversation. We agreed to resume active work of our expert groups: the forum will be held next week,” – she noted.

According to Nina Shtanski, “One cannot resume what was not stopped”: the “5 + 2” format reopened in 2011 after nearly five-year hiatus. A quite objective pause emerged in 2014 is the result of a number of unilateral actions by the Moldovan partners, expressed in strengthening the economic blockade, initiating politically motivated criminal cases, sanctions against officials of Pridnestrovie. All of this, as Pridnestrovie’s political representative underscored, did not give the parties an opportunity to meet in the format of official rounds, but the negotiations did not stop, they are conducted on a systematic basis, and possibly “will get more active impetus to ensure that the work continues on all negotiating tracks”. “For the Pridnestrovian side the “5 + 2” format is very important, proven over time, but the necessary prerequisites have not yet created for the next round,” – summarized Nina Shtanski.

The PMR’s Foreign Minister also said that yesterday the meeting talked over the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side to hold special informal discussions with the participation of all members of the “Permanent Conference”. The theme of the discussion could be the attitude of all participants in the negotiations to the basic documents of the negotiation process, revision of the agreements existing between the parties and not executed, the search for mechanisms to ensure guarantees and implementation of the agreements that Pridnestrovie and Moldova reach. “It seemed to me that the Moldovan side took positively the initiative, but we still have to consult with the other members of the format,” – added Nina Shtanski.